Le Creuset Flagship Store

23 April 2013


Remember when you were a kid and you would ask your childhood crush – “what’s your favourite colour?”. Well, the same question was muttered on 11 April at 106 King Street, Sydney. This time, it was for a completely different reason – the official opening of Le Creuset’s Flagship store.

Many of us (and trust me there are A LOT of us) were rejoicing a similar tone of “It’s about bloody time!”. There was a frenzy of media in the store, with their attention torn between the chandelier made of tagine lids and the captivating store window 3D paper artwork incorporating Le Creuset’s signature casseroles. The creative store display was the brainchild of Australian paper artist, Samantha Gazal.

In the store, we were treated with an array of kitchenware from saucepans, to honey pots. And for some, we got to play with the giant teapot set.