VIP Dinner at Blanco’s

23 April 2013

Facebook has become a popular medium to announce competitions. Last month, Blanco hosted a VIP dinner for 1 lucky winner and 9 of their friends. Julie Goodwin and I were the main prize. Our job was simple, to design a 4 course meal between the two of us and wine and dine with these winners.

In a sense, it was very much like a blind date – with 10 people. The awkward “how do you dos”, “what do you do” and “what are you doing now”. But after that, the night turned out to be quite a hoot. The lucky winner brought her husband and neighbours from her street so it was essentially, their street party. On the menu was sweet and sticky pork cucumber blinis, Thai-style seared scallops, steamed barramundi with ginger broth and ginger syrup pudding.

The dinner party was a success. Between Julie and myself, we compared MasterChef war wounds, ate and drank a lot, and spoke at lengths about chokos.

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